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AODA ASSESSMENTS – DUI Defense Wisconsin

One thing that is certain with alcohol abuse is that the law has strict punishments and penalties in place for such actions. If an individual is found guilty in any alcohol or drug abuse offense, they are leveled with fines, restrictions, and sometimes even jail time. One such penalty imposed on individuals by the court in such cases is the AODA Assessment.

What is the AODA Assessment?

The Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Assessment is almost always part of an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) and Driving Under Influence (DUI) charge. The penalties leveled by the Wisconsin state for cases involving alcohol, particularly cases such as OWI and DUI always includes a WI Alcohol Assessment. The state requires you to contact an Assessment Facility within 3 days of your court hearing. The actual Assessment is completed inside 2 weeks for court orders and inside a month for Department of Transportation (DMV) orders.

The assessment is an interview that is conducted by the AODA counselor. During the interview, you will be asked about your drug habits, consumption, and other related questions. After this assessment, the AODA counselor will decide and set up a rehabilitation program that you must follow throughout the period allocated by the court. Hiring the best DUI Defense WI will assist you through this process.

How much does an AODA Assessment cost?

The price ranges from county to county, but the average cost for a single AODA Assessment is $250. When you are submitting the payment, all modes of payment (such as credit card, cash, etc.) will be accepted except checks.

Where do I get an AODA Assessment done?

There are numerous Alcohol Assessment Facilities available in every county that offers AODA Assessments. To get your AODA Assessment done, you need to schedule an appointment with an Alcohol Assessment Facility. In most cases, you are restricted to get the assessment done from a facility in the same county as you reside in (or where you were leveled with the alcohol abuse offense). All Alcohol Assessment Facilities work under the same standards as set by law and hence, the program designed to you is likely to be consistent with every assessment you get done. If you are looking for an AODA Assessment near to your residence, you can do a search on the internet, and you will find several results for authorized Alcohol Assessment Facilities.